My summer holidays in 2008 ended in Kortrijk, Belgium. While I’m not at all an audio guy I was selected for REZ’ 08, part of the Happy New Ears festival.

In short REZ’ 08 invited 5 students to create and present new work during a two week period of the festival. We got 3 old houses at our disposal where we choose rooms to work in. The goal of the residence program is to to gain experience and meet professional artists. (We had lunch and diner together with all the artists of the festival + all-access to the installations, performances and concerts.)

This is part of my research on movement in space and new ways to represent this. It is essentially a series of 360° panoramas following a path through a space. These spherical images are converted to an angular projection, which introduces a typical distortion. The further you get away from the center, the more distortion. The center of the image is determined by 3 parameters: pan, tilt en roll. I animated these parameters resulting in a sense of movement and deformation of the space.